Leo dating a leo

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Attention and admiration are two things that Leos treasure so highly and desire exclusively for themselves.

It can be challenging to learn to share the spotlight in a mirror match as well as strike a balance between seeking the attention of others and that of your partner.

The feline king and queen of the zodiac can make an absolutely stunning match when all falls into line.

The uniquely exuberant personality of a Leo seems to be twice as effective at drawing in a fellow Leo with its charm.

Thus, when paired together, the great times only become greater.

The generosity and compassion of all Leo-born are not just reserved for friends and strangers; the majority will be offered to the lion’s loved ones and partner.

You can truly expect nothing but good times from this pair.

An adored lion is a happy lion but these things can swiftly grow into an unhealthy state that impacts interpersonal relationships.Leo-born are passionate people whose hearts overflow with generosity, warmth, and a positivity that radiates from them onto everyone they meet.It is rare enough to catch a Leo with a frown, and it may be quite impossible when two bonded lions are sharing the best of life with each other.Possessiveness born of jealousy is yet another negative issue that occurs frequently.As much as Leos view themselves as royalty, they really do strive to be fair and just.

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