Lebanese girl for dating

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likes to wine & dine, play Scrabble, Bowling, swimming, travelling occasionally...

is the best and most serious chating and dating website 100% free dedicated primarily to date between people who are interested by the Lebanese culture.

Lot of men fall into what’s known as the “Facebook trap” where a girl’s profile portrays her as a happy, open, social and risk taking person.

Often times boys are over excited when they read feminine description like “Carpe Diem” “YOLO” & “Im an outgoing person who loves to laugh, dance and meet new people” but once they approach her at the bar she transforms into a nasty version of Optimus Prime from Cybertron.

All you need to do is to boost her morale by telling her that she looks great, that you like cats and that in the end, world peace is gonna prevail. NOTE: Not all the supermarket aisles are good for the game.

You should try to stay away from the Household items section. C/ Libraries & Book Shops Sometimes you might find it useful to familiarize yourself with a couple of books other than Kamasutra and Playboy: The complete centerfolds. It’s true that a lot of them have an IQ a little bit higher than the room temperature, but in some rare occasions you might bump into a few who still hide a couple of brain cells under their hairdo.

These recommendations are guaranteed to make you sound like a Neo Lebanese Shakespeare and will give you enough confidence to approach women, start a clever conversation and make them fall in love with your character like greased lightening.

D/ Lingerie Shops This move is not for the faint of heart.

In my lifetime I’ve made a reputation for not letting go of my bros.

This is where the supermarket presents itself as a godsend location.

As you go in, head straight to the ice cream aisle, choose your target and compliment her as she’s consulting Dr Ben & Jerry’s.

So once you get back to your common sense, grab a bottle of wine, hold on to your seat and get ready for a roller coaster ride of sheer madness into the world of dating Lebanese women: PICKING UP Your testosterones are racing in your system faster than the final lap of a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

But before you dive in, your pick up move should be well planned and calculated.

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