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Our lawyers are consistently recognized for their service to the profession and excellence in the courtroom.

More information about the firm’s practice, its attorneys, and recognitions may be found at

The game map comes in two pieces which depicts the entire Mediterranean basin plus force displays and numerous other charts and tracks required during play.

The playing area is split into various sea zones, which is important for strategic air missions (because they are flown in specific sea zones).

The House concurred in the Senate amendment and subsequently passed the bill as amended on May 3, 2019.

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In fact, several State advocacy groups, including 1000 Friends of Florida are warning of negative impacts to community development.The Advanced game introduces geographical objectives and depending on which scenario you play some of them will be more valuable than others.You will be using amphibious assault ships to disembark troops or aircraft to fly in paratroopers to control these objectives in addition to standard scoring for eliminating enemy forces.Although with the amount of information available to modern commanders, who’s to say they wouldn’t be directing orders at submarine or destroyer captains to fire at specific enemy ships and bases?Your basic game pieces are air squadrons, surface ships and submarines.

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