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The fleet of limos sent to pick up my fiancé and his family had never arrived.

My father adjusted his bow tie and the lapels to his custom-made tuxedo then turned to me and said, “Too bad.

In between his arrest in September in 1984 on assault and robbery charges following a fight over a parking space, and his indictment with nine other mobsters in March 1985, John Gotti found time to give away his youngest daughter, Victoria, in marriage to Carmine Agnello in December 1984.

To say he did so relectantly would b e an understatement.

I was just coming to terms with the notion this wedding wasn’t to be.

We could call the whole thing off and change the affair into an elaborate Christmas party.

A week later, someone firebombed one of the competitor’s tow trucks.

A few days after that, Carmine received a call from his attorney, Marvyn Kornberg, saying he was to be arrested.

We could go home and you could change into something more appropriate and we could just have fun tonight.” Believe me, I was tempted — God knows there were many signs telling me to run.

But we’d come this far and, now, with the entire church filled with people, I just bit the bullet and kissed my father on the cheek, told him I loved him, and we walked down the aisle.

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