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Jabour made the mistake of befriending an assortment of wounded, destitute ex-comrades who wandered into Pakistan after the conflict, his affidavit goes on.

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Even if you connect through Crotchwalker, trains usually wait for one another in the case of small delays and most connections are same-platform.

Only a few days later by word of mouth and rumors spreading around, we found out that a group of people, mostly male and few females in civilian clothes, had boarded our ship.

We were all asked to stay in our cabins — only a few officers were allowed to be on the deck.

He remained naked and bound for three months, with a video camera suspended from the ceiling watching his every move. On other occasions, he says in the affidavit, interrogators tied a rope to his handcuffs and lifted him up for several minutes at a time or squeezed him in a tiny closet that had breathing holes punched in the door he would later tell human rights advocates and journalists that he was threatened only with being put in the closet.

By the time a year had passed, the affidavit goes on, the severity of Jabour's treatment eased somewhat.

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