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The evidence of sex, politics and beer-drinking comes from a newly translated tablet, dating back more than 3,500 years, which reveals a series of riddles.The text is fragmentary in parts and appears to have been written by an inexperienced hand, possibly a student.Wasserman said that the meaning of this riddle eludes him."I don't understand what is really going on," he said, adding that auxiliary forces are often below-average soldiers, "and they are not really trustworthy, sometimes they run away in the middle of the battle."Another riddle, this one even more fragmentary and whose translation is uncertain, is also very crude.The answer is a governor."This riddle describes the power of a governor namely to act as a judge who punishes or sentences to death," write Streck and Wasserman in the journal article.Wasserman has seen examples in other Akkadian texts of people criticizing their leaders.

A broken bow is useless as well, "a broken bow is not really helpful if you need to go to war or to hunt a deer."The researchers emphasized in their paper that the number of surviving Akkadian riddles from this time period is "very small" and, overall, this tablet provides a rare opportunity to explore this genre of ancient writing.

Unfortunately, researchers are not certain where the tablet is presently located. van Dijk published a copy of the Akkadian inscription, which the researchers used for their translation.

In 1976, it was housed in the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. Since 1976, Iraq has been through three wars and, during the 2003 invasion, the museum was pillaged.

ISIS may be defeated on the battlefield, but one thing is clear: Families made Islamic State a state.

The presence of women, children, schools, and commerce lent legitimacy to an illegitimate stake in the territory militants once controlled (one-third of both Syria and Iraq until 2017), a base from where they launched attacks on Paris, Brussels, London, and elsewhere.

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