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= true; self.gender_filter_cookie_name = 'webcam_gender_filter'; self.set_my_gender_cookie = function (gender) self.check_gender = function(); self.get_my_gender_cookie = function () self.debugg = 0; self.show_ts = 1; var cams = ; self.won_from_json = function (a) = function (element) self.get_recommended = function (a) self.json_to_xml_recommended = function (a) self.do_recommended = function (a) self.gender_lookup = ; self.fields = ['ind','fav','fan','ft','J','r','s','c','f','rs','b','k','l','m','dis','X','wxh','bz','rsppm','ppm','ps','psppm','cxc','cxtc','excl','TR','TG','TC', 'F4F']; self.collision = function(A, B) self.findpos = function(a) = function(a) if (!Array.prototype.filter) Array.prototype.bsort = function(fun) ; self.hash_to_array = function () self.array_to_hash = function (a,b,c) self.showpage = function (a,b,c) self.showpage_r = function (a,b) self.set_perpage = function (a) self.set_perpage_link = function (id,perpage,stop) self.set_sortby = function (a) self.set_sortto = function (a) self.add_rule = function (a,b,c) self.remove_rule = function (a,b) self.filter_country = function (a,b) self.kill_bubble = function (e) self.bsort_country = function (a) self.bsort_lang = function (a) self.sorter = function(a,b) self.xsend = function (a,b) { var script = document.create Element('script'); = a '×tamp=' (new Date()).value Of(); = 'text/javascript'; script.onerror = function () ; = b ?Not like other allegedly free cam sites, submitting your personal information is optional, and required only to receive notifications from friends, broadcasting cams, pay out reminders, and verification.If you have been looking for the best free live webcam site, you have located it!

Welcome to the Live Cams Mansion, home of the most beautiful cam models in the world!This is only so we can verify you are over 18 years old and to categorize your live amateur cam if you choose to broadcast it.Just submit your username, password, date of birth, and sex to finish the signup form.Come see what naughty fun goes on behind the scenes!Catch the girls in their most candid moments in the bedrooms, by the pool, and even in the shower...

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