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And Ross met me, and I think when he first met me he was a bit surprised because I looked normal. in terms of timeframe I think this was 2001, that's when I first started hanging out with Ross. I don't consider myself on par with people like Steve Piccus, or Mike Du Bay, but I'm pretty good and I can put these girls into trances.

You know, I had both eyeballs and I wasn't missing any teeth. How it started that Ross Jeffries took notice of me is, when I moved down to LA from college, I had kind-of taken over the Southern California Seduction Lair.

At that point he was kind-of a big name, you know, I'd learned all this stuff from him. Thundercat: (Laughs) Swinggcat: So anyways, we meet or whatever, and Ross, being the guru, takes the frame and he says that he thinks we should go over to the nearest Starbucks and sarge... So we all walk over to Wilshire and I go kind-of inside the coffee shop to see if there's any "honey bunnies" as Ross calls it.

As I found out later on, it wasn't his material at all that was getting me the success with women, it was something else, and that something is what I've developed over the years.

Thundercat's Seduction Lair: February 2004 Mln the next part of the interview, Swinggcat talks about his first taste of life outside of Speed Seduction, and how he began to develop his own model of seduction.

It should be noted that this is a transcribed text of my conversation, and has been edited by me to make it read better. Swinggcat: How that happened is, um, during the time that I was using the handwriting analysis, I did have some pretty amazing success using this hypnotic seduction.

PART II Thundercat: Now, let's back up a bit, because you did kind-of become a celebrity on the SS List. And I did start to do things that I couldn't do before.

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