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The solution: Never accept people’s claims about items they’re selling without proof.And always beware of scammers in tourist locations — they know all the tricks in the book.

Inevitably, the caller then asks for an advance commission, transaction or other registration fee.It isn’t, and once keyed in, takes you to a bogus site that asks for personal details so the bank can “unlock” or “verify” your account. Solution: As with phishing emails, never follow a link, even one you have to manually key in, that you don’t know for sure.And never provide confidential information unless you know the site is secure — with an “s” in the “https” part of the address line and/or a padlock icon in the message area of your browser.The solution: Don’t use the *72 or any other forwarding code to forward calls to a number you don’t know or recognize. (We’re not sure if *72 and *73 are the forwarding codes for all cell phones.Check your cell phone manual or talk to your carrier.) The scam: A new statewide warning in Utah this month of a familiar trick where individuals get calls telling them they failed to turn up for jury duty and asking for personal details so the court can cancel an arrest warrant.

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