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While ambulance response times in big cities are usually fairly low, in rural areas, people can be left waiting hours for emergency support.The fastest and and easiest local one night stands anywhere!The television industry viewed videocassette recorders (VCRs) as having the power to disrupt their business, while television users viewed the VCR as the means to take control of their hobby.In the 1970s and early 1980s, there was a format war in the home video industry.

Port Arthur suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Rita.

He also suffers from depression which has not responded to any medications.

He despises his job but the job market here is horrible and nothing else has come up.

U-matic was successful in business and some broadcast applications (such as electronic news-gathering), but due to cost and limited recording time very few of the machines were sold for home use.

JVC cut its budgets and restructured its video division, shelving the VHS project.

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