How to end dating someone

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The pain and the healing process may drag on, and your now-ex may continue to contact you — repeatedly.

If you care about the person, do it in the best way possible." Be honest, do it face-to-face — and don't leave any questions hanging in the air."Tell them what you realized, tell them about your priorities and what you like in a relationship," Lee says.

Once you realize you want to break up with someone, it's best to just get on with it.

As soon as you can, have one big conversation without dragging things out.

Kindness and a clean break can make a world of difference."Be as honest and up front as possible," relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW, tells Bustle."Many people know that they want to break up but then feel bad letting their partner know directly.So they often drag out the breakup and the partner senses something is up but really has no idea what.You might think you are sparing their feelings but this way of breaking up actually makes it worse.

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