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They allied themselves with the bishops of the major cities of northern France, and reduced the power of the feudal abbots and monasteries.

Their rise coincided with an enormous growth of the population and prosperity of the cities of northern France.

This design became the prototype for a series of new French cathedrals.New structures in the style included Chartres Cathedral (begun 1200); Bourges Cathedral (1195 to 1230), Reims Cathedral (1211–1275), and Amiens Cathedral (begun 1250); At Chartres, the use of the flying buttresses allowed the elimination of the tribune level, which allowed much higher arcades and nave, and larger windows.The early type of rib vault used of Saint Denis and Notre Dame, with six parts, was modified to four parts, making it simpler and stronger.You'll find names in 2 languages: English and French.The French ones are completely randomised and not actually real French, the English ones are real in the sense that real words are used.

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