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window.global_site = 'cams'; var resize_timeout = null; var resize_delay = 250; var resize_calls = 0; var error Log Count = 0; var tkn Div = tkn Val


", "TIP_GIVE" : "Tip", "GIFT_GIVE_GIFT" : "Give Gift", "IDS_START_CAM2CAM" : "Cam2Cam", "GO_EXCLUSIVE" : "Go Exclusive", "END_EXCLUSIVE" : "End Exclusive", "GO_PRIVATE" : "Go Private", "PARTY_CHAT" : "Party Chat", "END_PRIVATE" : "End Private", "END_SHOW" : "End Show", "CONNEXION_TITLE" : "Start Private Chat for Connexion", "CONNEXION_CODE" : "Your Access Code for 2-Way:", "CHOOSE_CONNEXION" : "Select a Connexion Option", "MORE_MODELS_TITLE" : "Other Suggested Models", "IDS_CHARGES_WILL_APPEAR_ON_CC" : "* Charges will appear on your credit card statement as \"STREAMRAYCAMS 4087021044\".", "TEXT_OK" : "OK", "IDS_QUICKLOAD_HELP" : "By default, Autoload will automatically reload your wallet with 200 tokens() when your wallet falls below 100 tokens.

Opt-out any time.", "GIVE_TEXT" : "Give", "OTHER_TEXT" : "Other", "TIP_PRIVATELY_SHORT" : "Tip Privately", "TIP_LOW_FUNDS_TITLE" : " has received your tip of to spend", "LOW_TIME_REMAINING" : "Don\'t get a show interrupted. The price of Virtual Gifts will be deducted from your account funds.", "GIFT_USER_MESSAGE" : "Include a message (optional):", "GIFT_ANON_CHECK" : "Gift anonymously: the gift is publicized but not your username", "TIP_NOTICE" : " tipped ! ", "TIP_ANONYMOUS_USER" : "An anonymous user", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN" : " has given ", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_ANON" : "An anonymous user has given ", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_MSG" : " has sent a message \'\' to and has given", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_ANON_MSG" : "An anonymous member has sent a message \'\' to and has given", "VIEWER_BANNED" : " has banned you from accessing his/her broadcast. ", "MODELS_SHOW_HAS_ENDED" : "\'s show has ended.", "END_OF_SHOW_GUEST" : "Chat with me and all the other models. Click here to see other models online.", "VIEWER_FREE_WELCOME_GUEST" : "Welcome to my Free Chat room. ", "VIEWER_FREE_WELCOME_MEMBER" : "Welcome to my chat room.

Please try a different model.", "VIEWER_MODEL_QUIT" : " is offline", "VIEWER_CHATTING_ALREADY" : "You are already chatting with the model in another window.", "VIEWER_MUTE_GUEST" : " has disabled guest chat. The show will begin shortly.", "VIEWER_TIP_IDLE" : " left to reach my goal! Take me private now so you can have me all to yourself!

Clicking your saved tip amount will give a tip instantly.", "GOT_IT" : "Got it!

", "NO_THANKS" : "No thanks", "NO_THANKS_SUB" : "(Removes saved amount)", "DONT_SHOW_AGAIN" : "Do not show me this message again", "PARTY_TITLE" : " is currently in Party Chat.", "RATE_SHOW" : "Rate my show", "IDS_ENTERED_PARTY" : "You are in Party Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_PRIVATE" : "You are in Private Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_EXCLUSIVE" : "You are in Exclusive Chat now", "FAN_WHISPER_ONLY_JOIN_NOW" : " only whispers with fan club members. ", "COMMENT_SHOW" : "Comment on my show", "MUST_RATE_SHOW" : "You must rate the show in order to submit your comment.", "YOUR_COMMENT_WILL_BE_REVIEWED" : "Your comment will be reviewed within 24 hours.", "RATING_HAS_BEEN_SUBMITTED" : "Your rating has been submitted.", "VIEWER_TIP_COACHMARK" : "New!

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