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) and called me to verify that I knew the requester and the receiver .. I had never met either one so I was able to get refund of £1000.

Oh, the man was gorgeous, his voice was intriguing and he had the most flattering things to say.

You can do this on or if you have any problems you can phone our Customer Support team.

(If you booked your flight in conjunction with a hotel, car, transfer or experience, different T&Cs apply so you'll need to contact your local servicing team using the numbers displayed in Manage My Booking.) if the ticket type you booked allows them.

I have been conversing with this guy says his name is Fred Amato. He had a large number of shares and went to Dubai to sell and meet with other investors. He quit his job at capvest to start his own company. Yes he sent me the certificate of the bite, look so real, at first I thought it was real, then when he said he has to go to Dubai to claim the money, he got stuck there because he has to pay a competent attorney to get the paper work done, he short of ,000, he said he didn't ask me for help but he was indicated if I can help.

His mom has just died but they are supposedly from Greece. I don't have money I just paid my contractor the deposit to paint my house.

Met him on POF and says he works for skyview Investments international and on Linkedin as Gianlugi but john Hoffman works for Capvest Capital international investments... It is the same guy if he has an accent from Spain or Mexico still looking to get out of Indonesia claiming he needs 00 to wire his money back to the states. He has one picture wearing a red shirt sitting on a the couch looks like in a hotel lobby.

I have a photo I recieved 2 letters identicle different names from him and saw a prayer for November where his mother in Italy and he was talking to me in Jan. I know he’s not this person he might just using this.

And I'm sure most of the emails are simply form letters to be used with however many women he is using at the same time. He goes by mark_collins111 he has a picture of a young guy with a white shirt on. When I asked where he works, he said he works for nobody, he owns his construction company. I google it, none found in Butler, NJ I can't find his name anywhere and didn't match, anyway his story was really convincing that he bit at Las vegas, for ,000,000 construction foster housing, that needs to build in Dubai from United Arab Emirate.

Flight Award ticket re-issuance Applicable only to change of routing, cabin class or Flight Award type, subject to change having the same expiry date as the original ticket and being on the same airline (not applicable to partially used tickets).

Express courier service lead-time of redemption letters is around 4 working days for mailing addresses in Hong Kong, and around 10 working days for mailing addresses outside Hong Kong, depending on mailing location.

Any extra fare penalties would be advised at the time of making your change or refund.

It isn't possible to make all changes in Manage My Booking, for example changing your booking to fly from London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow (or changing any other airport in your journey), or altering the number of people travelling on the booking.

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