Flex bindable not updating

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You could try passing in a Framework Element as the Header object for the column and set the...css,flex,polymer,polymer-1.0 According to issue 1601 on polymer's github (https://github.com/Polymer/polymer/issues/1601), they changed the way Custom CSS mixins can be passed to @apply. Data Control Field, which make sense with Grid View....wpf,mvvm,binding,datagrid Welcome to Stack Overflow! Usually people won't answer questions without the following. All of the relevant code Any exceptions that you are experiencing All of the research links you used in order to get where you are That said, I will give...actionscript-3,flash,flex Your issue is namespace clashing (ambiguous class names).I am pasting the complete code for your convenience just paste and run: c#,asp.net,datagrid As @David suggested if you want relevant helpful answers post us compilable accurate code. On Item Data Bound worked for me, allowing me to make the changes while the data was in the process of binding.

html,css,flex Remove height: 100%; from .second Col .inner Flex, its container has no height set so the browser does not know how high 100% should be Add display: flex; .second Col this will allow .inner Flex to fill its available height body p .wrapper... wpf,datagrid,autocomplete Due to the way Data Grid Columns are implemented, binding to parent viewmodels are always problematic.

Try to follow the error message hint and use mx.collections: IList: screen All(event.result as IList); ...

actionscript-3,flash,flex,canvas,layout Display Bounds() and Display Rect() are the methods that you are looking for. Is Selected) Selection Changed was the problem: In C# WPF, why is my Tab Control's Selection Changed event firing too often? c#,wpf,datagrid,wpfdatagrid You need to take away the string format at the parent level (which is overriding the Editing Element Style) - and instead set the string format for the binding expression only in the styles for Editing Element Style - but also for the regular Element Style (non-editing mode) which is a Text Block style: actionscript-3,flex,model-view-controller,parsley With a small tweak to the Controller code, we end up with this: [Command Result(type="

datagrid,vb6 The technology (VB6) is indeed very old; you can try something like Sub Add Symbol() For i = 1 To Data Grid1. If you read a little bit the Foo Table introduction page, you realize that this plugin works with the HTML table element. android,html,css,flex You can have more control of your content by placing your content in three divs and then use CSS to define the width and margins of your divs (columns). php,mysql,datagrid,livecode This part of your code SELECT 2010,2011 From the manual may begin with a digit but unless quoted may not consist solely of digits." wrap those column names in ticks. After that it got automatically updated in the Data Grid.... vb.net,datagridview,datagrid Is it possible that your datagridview isn't loaded fully when you try to recolor the rows?

SELECT `2010`,`2011` Since you didn't post your error message. c#,wpf,xaml,datagrid,custom-controls I had to remove the section from the style for the Data Grid to properly layout and created the column in code. Since you are setting the datasource, you should put your code that affects the grid after you can make sure that it is finished loading.

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