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Unique items abound: among them, a dress once worn to JFK’s inauguration and Chinese dresses from the 1940s brought in by a customer.

“She wanted them to go to good homes,” Carolyn remembered of their donor.

But weeks later, during their first date in January 2017, she knew within minutes that their personalities, values, and lifestyles were closely aligned, she said.

Carolyn was getting her communications degree at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, and Nira was studying animation in San Francisco. After the first couple of dates, I knew she was the one.” Qualities they appreciated about each other overlapped: smart, thoughtful, charming, funny, genuine, incredibly dorky, witty.

She was headed to Canada, and he was traveling to China to see family in his homeland.

“I couldn’t talk until I landed, so when we finally talked, we were 6,000 miles apart,” she recalled.

He got down on one knee on her doorstep, having practiced his proposal on the train.

The 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder is equipped with a Speed Safety Valve, the ultimate in inflating and deflating convenience.

Forget everything you have read or assume about Millennials.

The media portrays them as overachievers who are carrying huge college debts and are obsessed with big incomes, new technology, and career advancement.

Common lore says the youngest millennials are avoidant, highly resistant to long-term commitments like marriage, mortgages, raising children, or owning a small business. The Oakland couple embraced modernity by meeting online, but almost everything else about their romance is retro.

Further tilting against trends, Carolyn, 24, is sole owner of the vintage clothing shop, Hello Vintage, a bracing, homey College Avenue establishment. Choosing relationships and personal fulfillment over income, they said in separate interviews, directs their lifestyle as a couple.

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