Error validating cardaccount number range

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Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

Unfortunately my last name is similar to that of a convicted swindler and deadbeat.

is it okay if I just threw it away since it said to disregard if I was not the person with that name?

Be as specific as possible about why you think the debt is wrong – but give as little personal information as possible.

Once you get the validation notice, you have 30 days to send this letter.

I couldn't get back into the system to find out about the amount and what it was for. If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution.

I have a deadline of January 5th, 2016 to pay and I cannot find out what it is for. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls.

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