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In the same year, Eita made his acting debut on the small screen with the Fuji TV drama "Sayonara, Ozu-sensei" and on the big screen with "Blue Spring." The following year, Eita dropped his family name altogether and became known as just "Eita." During this time, Eita landed a variety of supporting roles, but didn't have anything stand out until the hit 2003 Fuji TV drama "Water Boys." Eita's starring role in the 2005 comedy "Summer Time Machine Blues," would further solidified his name as rising young actor.

Along the way, Eita has picked up a variety of unique roles, switching just as easily from leading man to supporting actor and working in small indie films to big budget mainstream films.

lol I soo love Jae Joong as much as I love Juri and Eita. As they go to a cafe for the meeting, Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Doctor (Jejung) are already waiting.

But hefs been receiving an intense sexual harassment from a female editor. The set-up seems very slapstick-y..I have confidence in Kitagawa Eriko so I hope it goes well!

As a young child, Eita enjoyed making home movies with his brothers, but he didn't dream of becoming an actor.

Instead, Eita enjoyed playing football (soccer) during his elementary and middle school days.

They have had problems with their relationship before (which relationship doesn’t? I wouldn’t be surprised if that only happened because he wanted to hurt her or he wanted a something something at the moment.

His handsomeness caught my eye and then I payed attention to him due to his great acting ability.

I can now go and check out all the other dramas etc he has done and enjoy some more of this attractive and talented man. Father of Eita and Kento Nagayama passes away in apparent suicide Posted on February 18, 2011 by tokyograph The father of actors Eita (28) and Kento Nagayama (21) has passed away at the age of 55.

It was a man who brawled on the street some time ago, gthe lowest man/the bad guyh, and the man was Nakaji (Eita)c Nakaji (Eita) His real name is Nakashima Keisuke. Having no self confidence, thus never once since her birth, she ever dated a man. He came from South Korea to Japan five years ago with his sister.

A novice photographer, being seen low as his current main job is taking pictures for porn magazines. Her father left his family ever since her mother in menopause. On twitter, he lies that he is a doctor, while in reality hefs only a medical equipment salesman. Being invited by Haru to come with her meeting the 4 people.

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