Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium

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Uranium is well mixed in the ocean, and its decay produces Th can therefore provide a more complete insight into past circulation changes.Tritium was released to the atmosphere during atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs.Because the lead isotopes are created by decay of different transuranic elements, the ratios of the four lead isotopes to one another can be very useful in tracking the source of melts in igneous rocks, the source of sediments and even the origin of people via isotopic fingerprinting of their teeth, skin and bones.It has been used to date ice cores from the Arctic shelf, and provides information on the source of atmospheric lead pollution.

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Because their abundances are normally quoted as activity ratios rather than atomic ratios, they are best considered separately from the other radiogenic isotope systems.Helium-3 is created by cosmic ray bombardment, and by lithium spallation reactions which generally occur in the crust.Lithium spallation is the process by which a high-energy neutron bombards a lithium atom, creating a He ratio.Lead is created in the Earth via decay of transuranic elements, primarily uranium and thorium.Lead isotope geochemistry is useful for providing isotopic dates on a variety of materials.

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