Different types of dating abuse

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After a person is violent, he or she may say sorry and promise never to hurt you again.They may even say that they will work on the relationship, and it may be awhile before that person acts violently again.Some people think that their relationship isn't abusive unless there is physical fighting. For example, a person who has grown up in a violent family may have learned that violence, like hitting or verbal control, was the way to solve a problem.They may be violent because they feel bad about themselves and think they will feel better if they make someone else feel worse.You might disagree or argue sometimes, but in healthy relationships you should be able to talk things out to solve problems.

Most of the time, these relationships are fun and healthy, and they make us feel good about ourselves.Take a look at the list of warning signs below and see if any of these describe your relationship.Your friend or the person you are going out with: These are just a few of the signs that you may be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship.In an unhealthy relationship, you usually feel the exact opposite of how you feel when you're in a "healthy relationship." You and your friend do not usually feel good about each other and yourselves.Not all unhealthy relationships are abusive but sometimes they can include verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

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