Differences chinese american dating

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Americans typically meet someone in a bar or nowadays online and throw themselves into dating; if it doesn’t work then they just move on.They date many partners in very little time and don’t think anything of it. Russians date to find a significant other and get married.America’s are expected to follow management’s direction even though employees often ask questions about their duties and often collaborate with supervisors.Language translation problems can occur; one word will convey an idea or meaning while Russians will have several words to choose from, each having a slightly different meaning.It is imperative for the Russian culture to be able to trust one another and keep that trust.Russians have to believe that someone is good and honest before having a concert relationship.Furthermore, Russian men are expected to pay for all of a woman’s expenses when they are on a date” (Deborsi, 2012).

Americans make friends and become relatively close in no time at all, but it is easy for them to disappear in an instance from one anothers life.

In Russia, you will see two people on a date wearing a formal dress and suit instead of jeans and t-shirts (No Author, 2014).

Russian women and men go to bars, coffee shops and restaurants to find potential dates and hope is to turn a casual encounter into marriage.

Cultural Differences Between Americans & Russians Cultural differences can help describe the differences between two groups by comparing these groups as a whole.

Both of these countries are multi-ethnic, great powers, whom have a variety of diverse groups in their societies.

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