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He also has an Etsy shop where he sells earrings, tie tacks, and other keepsakes.

For future updates and to see more of his art, follow Adams on Instagram.

Stay consistent, create and keep a routine, and commit to yourself.

Remind yourself of the intention of your new goal to give purpose to your actions.

Miss Aniela’s fantastical scenes are created using a combination of on-site shoots with practical effects, along with extensive post-production and even bespoke C. The photographer explains that all images are shot on location with the model posed and lit in-frame.

“Sometimes I do not know whether the image will be largely ‘raw’ and not require overt surrealism added,” Aniela shares, “until I go through the process to feel what is right for each piece.” The U.

It’s okay to have “slip-up days”, just get back on track.

This is not a short term solution, this is life; learn to love the process and be patient with your progress.”— Nikita Ramchandani, founder and yoga instructor at Kita Yoga“I would advise clients to not set such generic and vague goals such as “get fit” for a start.

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It’s important to not overeat calorie dense foods, get in a good amount of protein and every now and then give yourself a treat to keep your eyes on the prize.”— James Theos, One Ten* Instructor at F45* One Ten is a social enterprise aiming to spread the love for an active lifestyle for Gen-Z youth from ages 14–22, and has partner fitness studios all around Hong Kong; F45, XYZ and Kita Yoga are a few of them.“Believe that we are privileged to be able to move our bodies: do things to make yourself feel good and your body will start to crave your new healthy habits — also, be sure to restore after a workout, treat yourself and foam roll!To do this, try focusing on using dumbbells and other free weights instead of machines and heavy barbells to avoid developing any imbalances and impingement.In terms of patience and consistency, adopting the latest diet fad is never a good idea as it won’t yield long term results.Aniela has been working in her current style since 2011, and shares with Colossal that she has noticed a rising interest in her work from art collectors, as the lines between fine art and fashion are increasingly blurred.You can explore more of Miss Aniela’s immersive worlds on Instagram, and go behind the scenes of production in her explanatory blog posts. South African photographers Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith have spent the last two years photographing clusters of brightly colored flowers trapped in blocks of ice.

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