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The second cc TLD was #20, sold at Domain Name Sales for ,000.

The second non g TLD was #17, sold by Domain Advisors on the DNS platform for ,000. Here is how the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, Dec.

were able to keep DNS and Domain Advisors from monopolizing the charts as each of those venues put two names on the leader board.

Afternic scored with #12 (tie) Poker at ,000 and #18 Best at ,000.

As a starting point we have built a sister site specifically for you at There were 11 more five-figure sales just off the chart, led by, a name that sold at Domain Name for ,000.

They also moved Pharmacy and Hotel uk for ,000 each and teamed up with to sell Club for ,000.

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This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales.: The offices of some of our major sales data suppliers will be closed untuil after New Year's Day and they will be unable to send in sales reports this week as a result. Instead we will bring you fully up to date with a double length column covering two weeks worth of sales that will be out at the end of next week. 2-3 so we will collect sales data those days, then publish our next column on Friday evening, January 4.That will cover the final two weeks of the 2012 sales season.Sedo led the supporting cast of four-figure sales with Machine at ,310. Just grossed ,000, Doctor dispensed ,500 and two others, and College drummed up ,500 each.Science welcomed ,479, notched ,400, made ,188 and Palo Alto cooked up ,100.

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