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The Mopar ’19 is your standard 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack, that is until it gets the Mopar treatment, but what better way to celebrate your aftermarket line than with a car decked out in those parts.

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And then proceeded to move to Houston; then Albuquerque, New Mexico; then Oklahoma City; then Carmel, Indiana; then Austin, Texas.

And then the li’l monkey was old enough to start school.

Without a landscape to call a monkey’s own, the wee li’l monkey adopted two places especially: Austin and The Dinetah. this should be the last time I bring up photos of the monkeys ... Oh yes, others have asked about the red monkey icon on the page. ) June 28, 2006 PM I would have to agree with Wendy- that is what I would call a collection.

but after showing off pictures of my office, several people asked about the red monkeys and if I collect monkeys. That's a vector graphic I drew in Adobe Illustrator which is based on the Fisher Price Little People monkey which came with the circus sets. :) I really like the one with its tongue sticking out. If I had a camera I'd gather all the frogs I have-no I wouldn't because that would mean having to arrange them back in their proper places.

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