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In the meantime they fight the last Septentrione revealed as the Anguished One, Alcor.

It quickly becomes apparent that only the protagonist is retaining memories of the events that had occurred prior to the regression.

Belberith, deity of the Shomonkai, has been defeated.

Out of curiosity, the party travels there to investigate, and finds the Anguished One imprisoned there in a comatose state. Valvatorez once was a Blood Sucking vampire but he stopped drinking blood nearly years ago.

So we chose a day when Shomonkai would gather in one place and began the lockdown.However, being subject to the Law of the Administrators, he soon is forced to give up his status when Er Rai takes the Throne, leading to the world being destroyed and causing a game over.The story is revolving around between two factions such as Beast-like Gorak and Humans.Certain actions in combat can gain a specific squad member the ability to perform one additional combat round action after combat resolution, such as striking at an opponent's weakness.In the fifth day, the gang meets Naoya who reveals his intentions for his cousin to win the Throne of Bel.

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