Dating the thera eruption

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In the village of Akrotiri, it has been discovered an ancient Minoian village buried under the ash of the Volcano eruption occurred 3500 years ago.

In another village, called Palai Thera, some rests of the Hellenistic-Roman Thera are still visible.

Afterwards the island of Thira league with Sparta and Athens, becoming the most important Tolomei's naval base.

In the third Century, during the Byzantine age, Santorini became first Chrisitian and then it was elected as the new Episcopal center.

Actually Turks never colonized the island, so Santorini enjoyed a partial autonomy and a self–government.

Later, during the Dorian time, in the seventh century BC, the famous Cyrene (Thera's colony) was founded.These features are common to other villages: Imerovigli, Firostefani, Pyrgos and, especially, Oia.Geraga, Maria Tsaila-Monopolis, Stella Ioakim, Chrysanthi Papatheodorou, George and Ferentinos, George 2005. Effects of the Santorini (Thera) eruption on manganese behavior in Holocene sediments of the eastern Mediterranean. Neutron activation analysis of Mediterranean volcanic rocks – An analytical database for archaeological stratigraphy.

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