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But when you come home to SN kids, there’s rarely a moment of peace until it’s time for bed—if you're lucky.Children with special emotional needs often don’t learn self-sufficiency skills the way other children do.Quickly we began to see that my son had almost no ability to self-regulate; he experienced major mood shifts with extreme anger outbursts; and he got in trouble frequently at school due to his provoking other students and his inability to focus. Part one of this article will break down the negative effects, and part two will highlight the positives. Parents of SN kids will inevitably resent their child at some point.

As a psychologist and parent of a special needs child of my own, I have detected several negative effects which I’ll describe in detail below.

In other words, I try not to treat my kids like my clients!

The problem, however, is that my six-year old son has pronounced special emotional needs and the roller-coaster ride that is each day at home practically begs for a psychological intervention.

When you have a SN child—biological, adopted or otherwise—there's next to no true preparation.

I was a fool to think that being a shrink would make my experience parenting any easier or better informed than any other parent.

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