Dating places in bangalore city

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This is a single ‘Big Banyan tree’ which is over 400 years over and spread across an area of around 3 acres.

With a crown diameter of more than 80 meters and more than one thousand aerial roots, this huge tree offers cool shade and wonderful sight of greenery all around.

First of its kind in India, this wonderful 10,000 sq feet Butterfly Park housing more than 1,500,000 species of Insects is located in the famous ‘Bannerghatta National Park’.

Also present here is a pictographic and informative Museum which displays the four stages of formation of the beautiful Butterflies.

This museum in Bangalore has some of the most indigenous aircraft models designed by Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited (HAL) such as the Marut and Kiran and also a Vintage Canberra Bomber.

There are also mock dock-fighting simulator machines operating at a very low cost.

The area is surrounded by lush green gardens and is one of the places for one-day sightseeing in Bangalore.

Constructed using the architectural principles of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt and oriented in the North-South direction this beautiful structure is one of the seven wonders of modern Bangalore.

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