Dating j salmon postcards

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You just need to visit and many do so year after year.Originally my own lifelong fascination with the Broads and particularly its hire boat fleets led to my collecting postcards where these craft were individually identifiable, just for fun!Likewise, pinpointing the vintage of photographs can be difficult.It gets easier with practice but one can rarely be precise, even when the publisher's index system is understood.

Broadland is a very-very special place and you don't have to be a native or to live there to fall in love with the place.I have tried to do this as unobtrusively as possible whilst ensuring that they cannot simply be cropped out from an edge location.I have even seen several images that have clearly been copied from e Bay auctions!(For Links to new articles please see below this introduction. I am always delighted to hear from any visitor who can assist me, who disagrees with any of my “facts” or just wants to discuss the content.Your e-mails are always answered and input is always acknowledged on the site.

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