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This got me thinking: What exactly is wrong with these men dating a worker – especially when that worker is not a direct report?

Is it just a moral dilemma or are there legal considerations?

However, sometimes, it might be an innocent misunderstanding, such as if the supervisor thinks the relationship is voluntary but the employee feels as if he or she has no choice.

Perhaps it just genuinely was a situation where the supervisor pressured a worker into a relationship.

To avoid all of these issues, it is a good idea to create a policy that bans supervisors from dating any employee – even one that is not a direct report.

If you allow workplace relationships between supervisors and lower-level employees, there is a world of legal trouble that you get into if it came down to disputes between the nature of the relationship.

Coercion It is hard to prove definitively if a relationship was mutually wanted once one party says that it wasn’t.

Huston is not the first executive to lose his position because on an unprofessional relationship with a staff member.

Just as examples, in the last few years, both Hewlett-Packard and Best Buy have lost CEOs for similar reasons.

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