Dating hockey player quotes

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Six feet tall with graying chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes, Thomas Jason Mc Kendrick was a commanding figure whose mere presence was enough to make anyone who crossed him shudder.” ― “Cameron and Millie hadn’t hated each other at all. It made the daily battle for the pond super intense. Sprawled out over a crisp autumn woodland, Hayden looked more like a traditional New England college than a mere high school.” ― “Brad glanced from his locker to find the large form of his friend and hockey teammate Trey Arenson looming over him.Trey, whose two hundred pounds of hard muscle were spread over an imposing six-foot, two-nch frame, looked more like a linebacker than a goalie, but his build made him nothing short of an iron wall in the nets.” ― “T. and Brad’s 14-year-old brother, Chris skated off the bench. spent more time on his, combing fingers through it when the locks were semi-dry, guiding it to the side and coaxing a tendril across his forehead. They had great chemistry as linemates with every rush up the ice.It’s not fun if you’re a slob, get fat, or physically unfit.Your hockey boyfriend can inspire you to keep exercising.But because now you date someone who loves, and needs, gym, he’s going to hang out in this place a lot. Grab the best or sexy sports outfit you have and accompany him exercising. There are more powerful ways to make your relationship incredible.4.He has competitiveness and discipline Being an athlete means working and training most of the time. Your hockey player boyfriend must have these traits and it’s admirable. You learn about a new sport If you’re not familiar with hockey before you dated him, now you have a new sport to learn.He has an athletic body First and foremost, athletes have an amazing body, a hockey player included.You might already notice his biceps and triceps, not to forget his abs, and lastly, his overall body structure.

Hockey history is filled with colorful characters who have never had a problem speaking their mind.In the forties, when I was playing, we were officially the most violent team in the country, and that means probably the whole world, and by the way, that's why I could skate with no toes.A figure skater, a speed skater, an NHL forward, sure, you need your toes for control, but all that finesse takes a backseat when all you're trying to do is slam somebody into a wall and break all his teeth.” ― “Because T. was fussy about his appearance and always spent at least ten minutes perfecting his hair before he went out anywhere, where his friends had nicknamed him G.He resembled a slighter version of the team’s starters in his helmet with chin straps fastened to his head, dark blue travel jersey with large white numbers on the back and smaller numbers on the sleeves, gloves, padded hockey pants and blue hockey socks.” ― “Coach Reynolds stood before them in the locker room, short and stocky with a bald head and drooping walrus mustache. Snow flurries dusted the air outside, flakes wetting the dark window. While no one would mistake them for identical, they looked related with their athletic builds and longish blond hair that spilled out the back of their helmets. Brad just swept his hair off his face and let it flow in tousled waves.” ― “If Boston College didn’t offer them both a commitment though, T. Brad was fast, strong on the boards, won battles in the corners and possessed solid forechecking skills.No matter how much he skated with the team, he never lost his pouch of a stomach.” ― “On the bus ride home, Brad and T. He had that magical ability to score and create plays for his teammates, making him the type of winger that coaches sought.

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