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If your crush messages you, curb the temptation to go on a reply rampage and take a deep, deliberate breath. Then go in for the kill and hint that they’d be welcome to join you. [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back] #6 Tag away at your photos together!You can seenzone them for a couple of minutes, and then think of an apt reply to send them. If they ask what you’re up to tonight, don’t give them detailed instructions to get to the bar you’ll be hanging out in! Do not be shy to let the whole world know that you have spent time with your crush before.Liking all the photos may make you seem utterly friendly or downright stalker-like, while liking only selective photos will make your crush wonder why there are photos that you like and there are photos that you didn’t like.

Or you can post a link to a site that completely proves that you were right about something you had a debate about.

It’s not that you’re outright being possessive, as it’s just a photo.

But it’s a subtle reminder to both, your crush and to the rest of the world, that the two of you are having fun together. #7 Make your crush the center of your status update.

But for the love of all that is glorious, do not tag them!

Instead, make it pretty obvious that you’re referring to something you and your crush talked about or something you did together.

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