Dating ben pearson bows

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Those gamesters shot pretty good, didnt like the grip on mine so sold it. My son now has the sig takedown at top, all fiberglass #304 (#55) in middle(shooting this one now hope to hunt with it), bottom is #48 stallion George, from what I can find, the first Mustang #716 is 1964, white glass... the 1965 catalog doesn't specify a glass color but I believe mine's a 1965, with brown back and white belly glass like Sailor's bow.

Jim, I myself am a big fan of the old Ben Pearsons.

Anyone here enjoy shooting, hunting with or collecting the 60's Ben Pearson recurve bows?

I saw one in about perfect condition over the weekend at a small nondescript junk shop here in Portland..50#..about 56" for 50.00..

Well, I went down and visited the old fellow who has the junk shop this AM.. I paid 35.00 for it so now have another bow that may help a new archer get started..

George tell me facts about a BP-H90 7388 45#58" It has 5 layers in riser(bubinga? Based on the serial number, I think it's about 47 years old.Were these bows given a name or just sold as model D-90?Thanks again for the data, You must have some old catalogs.Almost bought it myself but just don't need another bow..:) Jim Pete, My memory fails me on this one's name..maybe GAMESTER?Red glass on the back.tip overlays.string but straight without any blemishes.

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