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I just acted to quick she hadn’t finished making all the rounds of the photographers and I booked her for the next day.Only being in town for 5 days a lot of photographers did not get to shoot her on her first trip to Hollywood.If she was that good I better get her booked right away, but I don’t like to book sight unseen, to much can go wrong; like a giant pimple on a modes face ( another story worth telling at another time) lesion learned.I arrived in the nick of time as this agent took 2 hr. He pulled out one roll of 120 contact sheet with 12 black and white shots on it.She arrived at the studio the next day on time am and ready to work; a good sign that things would go smooth.She was in makeup for 90 minutes and was ready to shoot. I shot two layouts that day: one went to Club magazine and the other went to Juggs magazine. Everything I shot on Danni Ashe sold in a very short time.They didn’t quite pop out of my head, but they could have.I booked her off that contact sheet, trying to not show to much enthusiasm, didn’t want to pay a premium to Hal for getting her first. Suze offers more money and the model cancels your shoot and books her.

Free Image Hosting by Image Easymuse, that video is acutally one of the last videos she appeared in, it is from a Napali video ( THIS is the vid I was thinking of when I made my post. Hey Zortag, where does this vid fall in with her timeline of work? Can you see the different band of color that rings the bottom half of her nipples? Now on the other hand I could be absolutely stupid. As for the earliest professionally taken photo, according to Danni she paid for this shoot in 1988 to be used for her entry in Playboy's Anniversary Playmate Search, unfortunately Danni didn't make the cut.And I had been using a personal computer for a number of years and running my fan club, and I knew that's what I wanted to do. I was obsessed with the computer, and I thought, 'I want to become a computer programmer.'" "While I was waiting for a course to start, I ventured onto the Internet, and quickly got into the Usenet newsgroups where I was hearing that my pictures were being posted, and started talking to people. I spent several really intense months in the newsgroups, and it was out of those conversations that the idea for Danni's Hard Drive was born." Besides getting people's attention with her delicious and totally unenhanced 32FF-23-35 figure and sexy smile, Danni Ashe's unprecedented 10 year and continuing success story has been closely followed and featured on the front page and covers of such American media institutions as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Industry Standard, as well as in the pages of US News and World Report, Yahoo Internet Life, Time Digital, and numerous other newspapers and magazines, television and radio.As Danni Ashe segues into her role as Publisher from that of CEO so that she can focus on the creative elements of her business and achieve the work/life balance she so richly deserves, her philosophy perseveres - Offer the most high quality content at a fair price, respect women in everything she does and, most importantly, respect customers by offering them a sexy, fun, satisfying and unique experience unlike any other.I love to have the model stand above me with me shooting up at her tits. That was the best angle to view those perfect tits.If you have ever seen the Movie Blow-up you know the pose.

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