Cyclist cam

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I have hit upon a nice piece of free software called MPEG Streamclip from Squared5 which allows speedy viewing of a file as well as trimming and saving the required section but have given up trying to edit sections together for the time being.The mounts advertised for the cam' look impressive but not all come as standard.The final justification for the purchase was my brother and I could use it while skiing (hence calling it a helmet rather than cycle-cam).While I did have a great time on the Pennine ride I didn't even take the cam', never mind made a movie and I haven't been skiing since I got it.I do use it while cycling locally and find it cathartic to replay and post some of the crap driving I came across. So I bought a secondhand Contour HD bullet cam from e Bay for about £160.00.I chose this one as it has good reviews, is self contained, robust, weatherproof and has a variety of mounting attachments.So on a 6 day trip I would obviously need to download the footage and recharge the battery frequently.

I also knew some cyclists were using cams' in the battle with other traffic and after a few close calls I'd decided to join them.

I've tried the Contour edit software (very basic), Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements and AVS Video Editor and struggled with them all.

It is not my computer or the software but I think related to the codecs the MOV files utilize.

I got a vented helmet mount as an extra and it wasn't very good.

While the mount could be secured tightly to the helmet, the camera moved on the mount and so picked up any vibrations.

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