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But with M&A comes real-world data sharing and EHR conversion problems as it pertains to information systems and electronic health records.Successfully merging data from multiple sources is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and consistently underestimated problems in health IT today.Data harmonization in healthcare is difficult because of the high level of ambiguity and complexity in the data concepts themselves.For example, patient demographic information can be merged fairly easily from one system to another.With this load process, let's assume the source data is not sorted first, so we need to use the SORT task to sort the data prior to using the MERGE JOIN task.The following shows our Flat File sources and then a SORT task after each one of these and then lastly our MERGE JOIN task.

Local EHR configuration and workflows directly determine how data is captured, and ultimately, the interoperability, quality and re-usability of the data for other purposes.

Let's assume that are data is sorted prior to loading.

We therefore need to tell SSIS this is the case as well as show which column the data is sorted on.

If you right click the Sort task and select Edit you will get a screen such as following.

Here you need to select which column the data should be sorted on.

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