College dating scene

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I’ve never been on an actual date, let alone really “dated” anyone. I am currently a sophomore at Duke University (AKA the best college ever!I’ve hooked up with plenty of people, yes, and some of those have turned into something more serious, but as far as “dating” goes? ) and I can seriously say that I'm livin' the American Dream.Syracuse is in the heart of New York, and Syracuse University is in the heart of Syracuse.No matter if you’re in the city or on campus, the electricity of the area and the exhilarating things to do will help you steal a co-ed’s heart — and vice versa.I would love to work in the international field of journalism so I can combine my Chinese and American heritages together into one melting pot of awesomeness. If you're ever in North Carolina, I'd be happy to give you a tour of our lovely campus.And if you're ever in Shanghai for the Summer or Winter breaks, let me know and I will show you what it's like living in the best city in the world.Don’t count Iowa out when you’re looking at colleges to attend!

With that in mind, we’ve found the 22 Best College Towns for Dating for you single students out there! When you think of Wisconsin, you probably think of cheese, the Green Bay Packers and “That ’70s Show,” which are all pretty awesome in our book, but you should also think of the great city of Madison, the unbeatable University of Wisconsin-Madison and all the dating possibilities these two places bring.

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I've lived in the States all my life until 10th grade, at which point job transfers led us to move to Shanghai, China.

So I guess I'm a Chinese-American, a twinkie, a banana, and an ABC. There are so many things out there that I love (besides Duke basketball, obvi) including juicy celebrity gossip, yummy new recipes, the latest new trends, fitness tips, or just some DANK STUFF (yes, I used the word dank).

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