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His third wife wrote that he was so drunk that once, when he saw Nancy Reagan on TV, he peed on the television. I worked with him years ago on fundraising for a substance abuse/recovery teaching program.He was sober and substance free for the last 25 years or more. Fucked up father, two uncles assassinated, Teddy drunk and deadly at Chappaquiddick, divorce, drug use, way too many of his cousins dead too soon..would take a toll on anyone. R14, It wasn't down the hall, it was down the street.Ace Showbiz - The actor son of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack regular Peter Lawford has died, aged 63. He also followed his uncles into politics and was an active member of America's Democratic National Committee, where he worked for Senator Ted Kennedy. He appeared on TV shows General Hospital, All My Children, and Fraiser among others, and worked as a correspondent for news show Extra.Pictured here with our family at the 2004 Democratic Convention and with his wonderful son, David. The multi-talented late actor, Christopher Lawford had not only grabbed huge attention through his successful acting career but also established his career as an author and activist.

They began dating in August 2017 which ended with the death of Chris.In fact, he started taking LSD and acid at the age of 14. Not to mention, he was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C.He used to have alcohol, cocaine, uppers, downers, and other drugs. When he was thirty years old, Lawford joined a rehab in 1986 and shortly after that, he left doing drugs. Born on 29th March 1955, Christopher Lawford lived 63-years in the world. The cause for his death was a heart attack in Vancouver, British Columbia.Also, he earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Harvard University.The late-actor, Christopher Lawford was married three times till he was alive.

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