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I feel like part of the Disney family now, and I would love to be able to do more voice work because you can get so caught up in the fantasy land you’ve entered into.As an actor you can just let your imagination fly.”Another fairy tale – of sorts – is How To Catch A Monster, which stars Christina as a single mother in the urban badlands of Detroit.In the beginning the couple was seeing each other together with their mutual friends while finally they went on a date and Christina Hendricks was the first one who said ‘I love you’.Christina Hendricks stated that from the first sight she fell that she was attracted to him a lot.She worked steadily if unspectacularly through the noughties, racking up TV credits including a short run in ER as a battered wife.But her post-Mad Men roles will be in a different league.In addition, the same night she got his number and they claimed to each other that they exchanged numbers so that they could become very good friends.

“I’ve loved playing her and I know how very rare it is that you see a woman like that on TV or even in film."She represents the prototype of the single working mother, and for her to have fought her way up in a man’s world is inspiring."She sees and understands so much of what is going on around her – nothing really escapes her, except her own happiness."She wants to help other people, she wants to make sure that she and her child have material security, but she doesn’t make enough time for her personal life.”The final series of Mad Men will be spread over this year and next, so fans needn’t fret just yet.In one of her interviews Christina Hendricks stated that when she first met Geoffrey Arend, she surprised him by her honesty and direct saying that she wanted babies.Therefore, in the beginning of their relationship Christina Hendricks boyfriend was freaked out about her honest and direct nature.Therefore, after few dates in public the rumors started that Geoffrey Arend was the newest Christina Hendricks boyfriend. Now filming the seventh and final season of Mad Men – that compelling tale of 1960s advertising folk – the 38-year-old actress is finding it hard to let go. Over eight years and six seasons as feisty office manager Joan Holloway, she has become not just a sex symbol but something of a feminist icon, winning fame, fortune and four Emmy nominations in the process.“I’ll miss Joan so much,” Christina admits. How can I not miss him after all we’ve been through? “He made a habit of behaving badly from day one,” says Christina.

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