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He based his new position on a new appreciation for the reign of Christ on David's throne.

The Christadelphian community in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland effectively dates from Thomas's first lecturing tour (May 1848 – October 1850).

However, this liberality eventually led to dissent as John Thomas developed his personal beliefs and began to question mainstream orthodox Christian beliefs.

While the Restoration Movement accepted Thomas's right to have his own beliefs, when he started preaching that they were essential to salvation, it led to a fierce series of debates with a notable leader of the movement, Alexander Campbell.

As many scholars agree, there is a far more compelling option, and it's a lot more interesting.

Christadelphians do not join the armed forces or the police, nor do they vote or take part in politics.A Daily Bible Reading Plan This plan is also available as a 2-page PDF document. To obtain this reading plan on three laminated bookmarks, please visit our Bible Study Aides page. Thomas, His Life and Work (1873) by a Christadelphian, Robert Roberts.During this period of formulating his ideas John Thomas was baptised twice, the second time after renouncing the beliefs he previously held.

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