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You can also add the character by writing it's unicode and then selecting it and pressing Alt X - but that can be confusing because it needs constant change between Arabic and English.

All of the special characters involved in this little manoeuvre are invisible characters (their job is simply to change the direction of the text) so don't be surprised if it looks like you're not inserting anything.

Hussein’s family sent letters to the attorney general, interior minister and others to inform them about Hussein’s arrest that took place early on Friday morning, after which he was taken to an unknown destination.

The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, a non-governmental human rights organisation, also stated that it had received reports about the presence of the lawyer and human rights activist Ezzat Ghonim in the State Security Prosecution office on Sunday morning and confirmed that Ghonim was detained in an unknown location.

Pay attention to select the RTL option from the ribbon when the majority of your paragraph is RTL and keep it selected [as shown in the picture in this answer ].

This is OK; they're not shuffled: you're seeing them in LTR rendering mode. In Notepad or Word, press right Ctrl Shift to make their direction right-to-left and it will be okay. The control characters LRE and RLE (0x202A and 0x202B) and also LRM and RLM (0x200E and 0x200F) need to be applied to the whole paragraph, i.e they should come at the beginning of the sequence.

If you need to do it the other way around, that is, insert a Hebrew or Arabic word in an English text, just reverse the use of unicodes -- Or follow the steps in the following link: If you want to know more about what the special characters do and what it means to make your paragraph LTR or RTL, visit the following link: You need to add an invisible RLE Unicode Character at the start of the line [^].

I was able to fix my text by following the steps in the first answer here.

His family said he was being held in an undisclosed location.

Egyptian security services also arrested another left-wing activist, former Kefaya movement member Hassan Hussein, on Friday.

using triple click) and use the button for right-to-left direction (¶◀) in the Paragraph section of the Start pane.

As Hossein’s answer explains, the issue is the directionality in the paragraph.

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