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– “SPAY & PLAY” 🙂 Cali was one of those cats who lived on the property with a staff member and when she left, Cali came to live at my place and kept me company.I was working as the videographer and worked from the same trailer so we had plenty of time to hang out with each other and we quickly became friends.She was the first cat I had cared for since I was a kid, she slept on my bed at night, watched me edit big cat videos on the computer and was ALWAYS ready to snuggle at the end of the day!My fondest memories of Cali were my lazy Sundays, I used to work 6 days a week at BCR, so on Sundays after cleaning, doing laundry and all that other boring stuff, I’d crash on the couch to watch a movie and drink some tea and Cali was always there to chill with me.With time she began to warm up to me and eventually she allowed me to pet her…Luna LOVED butt scratches and this was the key to our friendship, it got to the point where I’d go in her room and say “Lu Lu” and she’d run out to say hello and then present me with her butt 🙂 Unfortunately one night the usually extremely sweet Cali cat managed to climb over the partition and started fighting with Luna, I was awoken by the kerfuffle and sprinted to the other side of the trailer and broke it up immediately, but the damage had been done.

As an “adult” there were several other cats in my life before we rescued Cole and Marmalade, so I thought I’d write about the the “others” and share them with you…

Siamese cats were exported and quickly became popular in various countries.

The breed was first seen in Europe in 1871 at a cat show in London, and it later appeared in the United States in 1879 as a gift to the wife of President Hayes.

The cat’s muscular body features: described a pale cat with a dark facial mask and dark feet, ears and tail.

The Siam, later called the Siamese, was revered by royals and rumored to be sacred.

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