Carbon dating the borax lake site

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Borax is an organic pesticide and a natural antifungal, and is most commonly used as a detergent and in the production of cosmetics, enamel glazes and fiberglass.It is also used to cure athlete’s foot, as a water softener and as a surefire way to get rid of ants in your home.

When tanning deer hides, borax was a helpful agent for treating or curing the hides so they did not deteriorate.

Miners would place scoop shovels onto boats to lift the borax from the water, and at the company’s peak, they’d pull up to two tons of borax from the lake each day.

They don’t mine borax from Borax Lake anymore, though you’ll still find streets nearby with names like Sulphur Bank Road and Sulphur Bank Mine Road.

Many of these obsidian spearheads and arrowheads are on display at the Big Valley Rancheria, along with numerous other Native American artifacts.

But the usefulness of borax was also not lost on these tribes.

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