Canadian women and dating nigerian men

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Nigerian men love ladies who are easygoing and humble.

Caper143, I bolded that statement in nedureg01 posting.

And I do praise him because he has a job that he works very hard at and he also returned to university at 33 years old to better his life, so he doesn't sleep alot and is always at work or school, what little spare time he has is for me, I always let him know that I am impressed and proud of him for working so hard to improve his future.

I don't expect anything from him because I am quite capable of getting anything I want for myself, so maybe that is why he tries so hard to make me treat him like a normal guy and use ur discretion.

but you will definitely have a great time with him and i say this because we Nigerian guys are the bomb!!

@poster, Nigerian men are very very simple and cool headed only if the partner can be good enough to bring out the best in us.

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only by knowing what really happened with his ex, can you understand him order for us to reply then, we would have needed more infos about his age, his background and dating best would have been for you to ask his ex gfs but that would be stepping the line on his privacy (but if all his exes have something nightmarish/negative to say about him then run!!!!! Nigerian men love ladies who are easygoing and humble.

He made sure to tell me that he does things for me because he wants to and for no other reason and if he didn't want to dance with me then he would not have offered.

He has a bit of a stubborn streak, we might butt heads over that in the future, but with every arguement is an excuse to make up. the way they go out of their way to give a woman the pleasure of catering to their needs is selflessness at its very best and they themselves are the best.

I can tell you that it is very possible that he genuinely does that contrary to what that posting may have insinuated.

A true gentleman who knows how to treat a lady he cares about will definitely open the doors, pull your chair, and a lot more so it is very possible this is very genuine.

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