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" The back and forth saw Brown asking whether the President had lost control of the Senate after he was interrupted for the umpteenth time."Continue and you will find out," Tavares-Finson quipped.Brown then warned that "this money could go down the drain because I have seen two ministers separated for at least mismanagement and based on what some people are saying inside the parliamentary chamber at least one could very well..." The Opposition senator did not finish the statement as he could be heard responding to a colleague telling him to be careful by asking "careful of what?" At the same time, Senator Braham rose on a point order stating that he did not want Brown to finish the statement."You're calling names in a matter that the whole country knows is under investigation," he added.At this point, Opposition Senator KD Knight told Tavares-Finson that Brown should be allowed to continue in the public interest but the president would not budge on what should be addressed in the debate to which Brown responded: "My freedom of speech is not going to be muzzled." At one stage Brown said it was his purpose to clear Miller's name.But, Brown would not relent, declaring that "it is important that we don't blame Doreen Miller for the CMU money".

Tavares-Finson appealed to Brown to stick to the script by ensuring his presentation was relevant to the specific legislation that was being debated. He proceeded to ask whether Miller was asked to open a bank account for which the bank card and the bank information were controlled by a family member of Reid's.

At this time Pearnel Charles Jr., who was acting as Leader of Government Business in the Senate, rose on what was the first of a handful of points of order from him.

Charles Jr told Brown that his presentation was not relevant to the debate but the Opposition Senator insisted that clauses 4 and 6b of the bill spoke to the liability of the Petro Caribe Fund.

"And I read those and I'm therefore asking about the liability.

Who has the liability for those money which went through the CMU to this fund....because I'm aware that the account of Miss Miller that she opened, was controlled by family members of the then minister so I want to know who is going to pay it back," said Brown.

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