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Some drive are attached via first Broadcom SAS3008 controller, the rest is attached via the second one, and they call them Enclosures instead od of controllers for some reason.

I have chosen latest Free BSD 12.0-RELEASE for the purpose of this installation.

Free is vulnerable: perl -- multiple vulnerabilities CVE: CVE-2018-6913 CVE: CVE-2018-6798 CVE: CVE-2018-6797 WWW: https://vuxml.

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Free is vulnerable: py-cryptography -- tag forgery vulnerability CVE: CVE-2018-10903 WWW: https://vuxml.

by mirroring or RAID-Z), and is in addition to an extra copy specified by the copies property (up to a total of 3 copies).

For example if the pool is mirrored, copies=2, and redundant_metadata=most, then ZFS stores 6 copies of most metadata, and 4 copies of data and some metadata.

Today I will show you how I have built so called Enterprise Storage based on Free BSD system along with more then 1 PB (Petabyte) of raw capacity.

I have build various storage related systems based on Free BSD: 2 x 10-Core Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz 4 x 32 GB RAM DDR4 (128 GB Total) 2 x Intel SSD DC S3500 240 GB (System) 90 x Toshiba HDD MN07ACA12TE 12 TB (Data) 2 x Broadcom SAS3008 Controller 2 x Intel X710 DA-2 10GE Card 2 x Power Supply Price of the whole system is about 000 – drives included. One thing that you will need is a rack cabinet that is 1200 mm long to fit that monster 🙂 The so called Lights Out management interface is really nice.

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