Bryan greenberg dating jamie chung

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Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg crossed paths with each other long before they began dating.In fact, they wouldn’t hangout until a year after their official first date. The former reality star also partnered with Transitions lenses because she was diagnosed with Pineguecula — raised yellow spots on her eyes — as a result of UV damage.“I’m in my thirties,” said Chung, who loves the brand's fashion-forward looks. ” In addition to making strides in career and health, she’s adorably in love with her husband, actor Bryan Greenberg.If he’s been traveling a lot, he’ll book a couples’ massage. He goes above and beyond when it comes to thinking of what I might need. Find art you 🖤 @limitedsaatchiart, a new way to buy limited edition prints by top emerging artists. He’s very good on the grill – charred vegetables or a protein.

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In the early stage of their relationship, the couple was up to their best to keep their relationship under the radar. In nearly two years of their marital relationship, the couple hasn't got any children yet.

Before exchanging vows on Halloween 2015, however, the pair briefly split.

“There was the, ‘Oh sh-t’ moment,” the “Oh God,” Greenberg, 39, interjects.

Chung teases: “But it was only like a five-day split. He’s shaking his head.” The couple have kept busy since tying the knot.

When not acting, Chung is focused on her fashion blog and the musician travels to perform.

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