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Having said that, athletes are generally ugly faced (and not so bright), so Stephane has little competition. Stephane doesn't look feminine to me, but rather childish. I salute all of his choices, starting from the music he chooses for his programs, to every single word that leaves his mouth.

Paul Poirier and Adam Rippon are still a bit young for me, let us see what happens in a few years."Stephane Lambiel makes Brian Joubert look like a troll who lives under a bridge."Bullshit. A friend of mine (lesbian) knows a guy who used to fuck with Lambiel.

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It’s starting to feel like the good old days, when the rivalry between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding became a sordid soap opera that launched figure skating into a golden era.

Asked the other day by Chicago Tribune colleague Phil Hersh to comment on Joubert’s recent assertion that not enough men are trying quads, Chan called Joubert a sore loser, graciously sticking up for a teammate. A negative grade of execution can cost up to three points. “It’s worse this season because if you do mistakes, you lose more points than last season,” said Joubert, who did a quad-triple combination Tuesday on the Convention Center practice rink but might not do it today. We have to see, we have to talk with the other skaters, but I think they will change after the Olympic Games.”Hamilton also wondered why the risk was raised for those willing to push their athletic limits.“The scoring system has made it really punitive to miss the quad to the point where even if you’ve got it 90%, that 10% makes you maybe take it out of the program because it’s now become a punitive system,” Hamilton said.

Fedor Andrev (I had to use Lambiel 3 times, I couldn't come up with 10 male figure skaters who were good looking. He said that everyone is entitled to their privacy and that his sexual orientation is nobodys business.Stephane Lambiel makes Brian Joubert look like a troll who lives under a bridge. About 1/10,000 of the total number of living gay male skaters. Probably a situational relationship while they were doing ice shows in Europe together.Stephane is genuinely beautiful and easily the best looking male figure skater alive today. Stephan Lambiel, Johnny Weir Stephan Lambiel and Johnny Weir rehearsal. Supposedly, Johnny replied to a question about their relationship by saying essentially they both wanted to be the girl, so they have remained friends.”Heads were up and sticks were down Tuesday as Joubert professed to respect the now-retired Buttle and the skaters who will present their short programs today at Staples Center.“So I am a bad guy? But he didn’t back down.“I was disappointed to see [a] world champion without a quad,” he said. You want to inspire your athletes to take this to the next level.At the same time if you’re going to punish them for any mistake, if the risk is not worth it anymore, then you might be stifling the growth of it.”In other words, advancing the sport is a noble idea, but advancing yourself is your primary goal.“Every one of these guys can do a quad. “But whether they put it in the program or not, it comes down to strategy.

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