Awkward dating tips

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[Read: 20 signs of attraction to watch out for in a first conversation] If you are at a restaurant or bar, suggest getting up to dance if there is music on.

If you are taking a stroll, indulge in an ice cream or partake in a random word game.

Although they may not have been on a date, awkward silences tend to creep into everyday circumstances, seeping into social cracks and crevices when we least expect them to. Seamless chatter that end with a romantic stroll along the boardwalk and a passionate kiss goodnight *or more* at the door do not have to be reserved for chick lit and summer flicks.

We are all human and awkward silences are the norm, especially when we are getting to know someone new and have no idea where the ‘uncrossable’ line lies.

Even if your date is only doing so-so career wise, they will undoubtedly have something to say about what they are doing, their career aspirations, horrible bosses, and so on.

If speaking about work is not something either of you want to touch on, ask your date about something you know they are good at such as, “Janine told me you are a great chef and a master at Thai cuisine. ” [Read: 40 first date questions that’ll lead to interesting and fun conversations] #7 Weekend activities One way to diffuse tension is to speak about weekend activities.

Those first few dates are tricky business, and it gets worse if both of you don’t know each other very well.

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#1 Skirt controversial topics As passionate as you are about wanting to see the destruction of the financial system, or think that all women should have the right to be pro-choice, or even if you think that the president is a douche *or not*, save controversial topics for when you get to know your date a little better.

Follow up with witty tales of your personal travels, the people you met, the things you ate, and the sights you got the chance to witness.

Even the most worldly traveler will not be able to resist hearing about your experience eating a fried scorpion in the back alleys of Siem Reap.

Not just that, it will give you plenty of talking points to fall back on the next time an awkward lull pops into the conversation.

Start with something that you enjoy doing and move on from there.

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