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The services meant for general audiences lack such restrictions and theoretically can be enjoyed by all types of people, although this freedom often translates into behavior that would be utterly inappropriate for children.

Second Life, for example, does not explicitly promote adult behavior but has become notorious for it nonetheless.

They have been around and popular in Europe and Asia for years.

However, they appear to be gaining traction in the United States as of late.

Thus, while all of these services provide a similar opportunity to hang out virtually, they may possess fundamentally distinct appeals for different demographics.Currently, virtual hangouts differentiate themselves by targeting particular audiences and providing certain types of immersive experiences.Destinations such as Club Penguin and Barbie Girls cater to children and pre-teenagers with their simple user interfaces, basic games, and cartoon graphics.Embracing the more voluptuous side of human behavior, services like Red Light Center are professedly all adult, all the time and encourage users to participate in explicit behavior.Virtual hangouts range not only in the audiences they target but also in the level of immersion they provide.

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